Automotive Services

Oil Change

Up to 5 Quarts of Synthetic Blend Oil, New Oil Filter, Courtesy Vehicle Inspection

Power Steering Flush & Fill Service

Over time power steering fluid breaks down and becomes contaminated with harmful debris, potentially causing damage to the power steering pump and the power steering rack, making a dangerous driving condition. Our Power Steering Flush and Fill Service will ensure all of the contaminants have been removed and the system is filled with quality power steering fluid, to manufacturer’s specifications.

Brake Fluid Flush & Service

Brake fluid is one of the most demanding fluids in your vehicle. Brake fluid absorbs moisture and is subject to severe contamination due to overheating, wear and tear. This could soften your brake pedal, having an effect on your brakes and your ABS, resulting in a potentially unsafe driving condition. Routine brake system maintenance and fluid exchanges are a good way to avoid costly repairs.

Transmission Fluid Flush & Exchange Service

The quality of your transmission fluid has a serious impact on your vehicle’s transmission. This service provides your vehicle with a thorough transmission fluid exchange, to ensure fluid is free from debris and harmful contaminants. Price depends on fluid type.

Brake Service

Remove & Replace Brake Pads, Machine Rotors and/or Drums, Grease all brake components and moving parts

Battery Service

Remove negative and positive posts, clean posts, load test battery for amperage and voltage capabilities, reinstall posts and apply anti-corrosive spray to both posts, and ensure charging system is operating as it should.

Cabin Air Filter

The Cabin Air Filter has a serious impact on the operation and efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system, as well as the cleanliness and healthiness of your vehicles interior air. This filter is designed to remove particulate matter before it enters the cabin space and the air you breath when inside the vehicle. The Cabin Air Filter should be replaced upon recommendation, after inspection. The price above is a general starting point, and will vary due to filter expense and ease of replacement.

Front Differential Service and Rear Differential Service

Drain, flush and clean Front or Rear Differential. Inspect visible internals, including bearings, ring gear, pinion gear and universal joints. Reseal Front or Rear Differential cover and refill with fluid. Starts at the above price and could be higher, depending on fluid type.

4WD Transfer Case Service

The Transfer Case is a very demanding component of your 4WD system and should be maintained on a regular basis. This fluid breaks down due to wear and tear caused by heat and use, contaminating the transfer case fluid and thinning the oil. This  service includes draining, flushing and refilling the transfer case to manufacturer’s specification. This service starts at the above price and could be higher depending on fluid type.